They Said/ She Said CATS>Dogs

The argument between cats and dogs is one of the oldest debates of our time. Luckily for all of you, today, here and now, at this very moment, once and for all, for the world to see and without any further ado, this debate will be put to rest. It is undoubtedly true that cats are better than dogs for the following reasons. 


Right off the bat, cats are simply cuter than dogs. It is a well-known fact that all kittens and puppies are adorable. When they begin to grow older, however, cats remain fluffy and endearing while dogs become overgrown and slobbery. Cats become a slightly larger version of the kitten you fell in love with. Dogs, on the other hand, get louder, crazier, and more annoying. They begin to drool all over you and become overly endeared to your person.


Moreover, cats are better lap pets. There's nothing more comforting than watching TV, reading, or even playing video games and having a small, warm, fluffy creature come snuggle up on your lap. They join into whatever you are doing with a gentle meow as they do what they can to just be near you.


If that’s not enough, cats are far less maintenance.


While some people would enjoy taking their dog on a walk in -10 degree weather, for me this sounds like pure torture. Cats require no such treachery. Dogs are to put it simply, just too needy. They need to be walked, fed, played with, taken out at all hours of the night and the list goes on and on. Cats require the bare minimum, a food dish, and a litter box.


Furthermore, cats are far easier to relax with. If you have a busy schedule, then all you want to do when you get home is relax. Owning a cat makes relaxation of this nature possible because the most care they need is a gentle snuggle, a clean litter box, and some food.


Speaking of cat food, you can give your feline a couple of scoops of food in the morning and again at night without the risk of rapid, vomit-inducing consumption. They are usually smart enough to portion their food out throughout the day instead of viciously attacking their food dishes like dogs.


Additionally, cats are very easy to litter box train.  Dogs, on the other hand, seem to like defecating all over your parents' new white carpet. Cat litter litter-ally releases pheromones that make it nearly impossible for them to take their potty experiences outside of the litter box. Their little boxes are also extremely easy to clean, and if you buy the right litter, THEY DONT STINK!! Dog droppings, on the other hand, smell disgusting and suck to clean up even if the act was conducted in the appropriate place.  


Perhaps the greatest advantage of cats is that you don't need to wash them.  They’re very good at cleaning themselves. Believe me, there is nothing worse than trying to wash a dog. Dogs enjoy jumping all over the place and freaking out, getting you and your bathroom completely covered in soapy water. If the colossal mess doesn’t have you wishing for a feline pet, the nauseating, overwhelming, headache-inducing wet dog smell will.


To conclude, cats are indisputably better than dogs because they require low maintenance, are easier to look at, don't stink up your house, and don’t need to be washed. I want an animal to give me the companionship of an estranged roommate, rather than a semi-minded slobbering machine.


I know that you're already convinced that cats are better but if you're still bored and need something to read here's the other side of the article

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