What is the big deal with AirPods?

AirPods were first introduced back in the late fall of 2016. They came as an addition to the iPhone 7. They have been around for three years now...so, why all of a sudden, are they the hottest new trend? 

Yes, there are jokes and memes where people with AirPods are rich and those without are not, but still, why does everyone want them? They are nice to use because they connect instantly to your phone and pause your music if you take one out of your ears. They don’t have any cords to hang down and get in the way. But on the other hand, they are small and expensive. 

Apple AirPods cost around $160. Why spend that much money on a pair of small earbuds that could become lost or broken easily. Why don’t you just buy a pair of normal Apple earbuds? They only cost around $30 and that saves you $130! 

You also don’t have to worry about charging the apple earbuds, unlike the AirPods. Earbuds give people more freedom to skip, pause, and select songs. AirPods only give you limited use in control over listening to your music. Sure, this is the popular trend and people want to have the “it” thing, but is it really worth it?



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