She Said/She Said: CHS's Next Musical- West Side Story or Frozen?

Anyone who has passed through the English hallway has likely seen a bunch of pictures taped to Ms. Parker’s door. It may seem like it’s just another English thing, but those papers actually represent possible shows for next year. We at Anchor News thought we would weigh in on which one we think we should do.


Every year there’s always so much debate on what musical we should perform. Someone always wants to do a show like “Into the Woods” or an older production like “Newsies.” While all those musicals are great ones to perform, CHS needs to do the musical, “Frozen Jr.” instead, and here’s why.


Most years, we do an older musical not very many people have heard of, and, despite the classic appeal of such productions, not everybody appreciates them as much as many theatre types would think they should. As a result, we don’t have as big a crowd as we could potentially get. “Frozen” would draw this crowd because it’s family friendly and very well known.


Because “Frozen” is such a popular movie, if we did “Frozen Jr.” the auditorium would be packed. Lots of families would come with their little ones and maybe even more high schoolers would come too. It would be way more fun to perform in front of a bigger audience as well.


Another reason why we should perform “Frozen,” is because Covid interrupted the middle school production of 2020. Now it’s four years later, and all those students who were supposed to be in the performance still haven’t “Let it Go.” Next year is the last year we’d be able to do that show where all the stars who were in it in middle school could be in it again.


All in all, “Frozen Jr.” is the perfect show for CHS to perform. We’d have full audiences, more kids and tons of fun producing the middle school musical a global virus thought it could stop. I know you’re convinced, but if you’re still looking for something to read, keep scrolling for Carla’s lackluster opinions on musicals below.



Here at Anchor News, you can’t say the word “Tonight” without Mr. McDonald breaking into the classic show tune about love, New York, Jets and Sharks.  It’s about time that CHS brings “West Side Story” to the Nantkes Auditorium Stage.


“West Side Story” is one of history’s many musicals that can never be called “overrated.” It has incredible music, an intriguing plot, and is just peak entertainment. 


The collaboration between Broadway legends Stephen Sondeim, Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins  depicts a modern day “Romeo and Juliet” in the form of New York street gangs. As the Puerto Rican Sharks and Caucasian Jets battle for territory on the streets of the upper west side, things take a turn for the worse when the former Jet Tony falls for Maria, the sister to Shark captain Bernardo. 


This total classic has the perfect ensemble to engage not only any audience members, but the entire cast. With catchy tunes that make you want to sing along and visuals that wow, this is the musical to impress your high school community.


What high school student doesn’t love a good romance story- a musical, nonetheless? While some could argue that it’s a bit cliche, isn’t that what high school is all about? Why not personify the trials and tribulations of young love through the universal language of music?


Opposing gangs - Sharks and Jets, forbidden love, friendship, expression of culture - these are the things that put on an entertaining show. Skip the dramatics and head straight to the theatrics, plan for “West Side Story” to be the next great CHS musical!


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