WE SAID: Summertime Clothing

Another year has wrapped up, and Anchor News has one last “We Said” for you to consider before heading off into your summer vacations.  


That said, there’s an obvious link between summer, Anchor News and all of us classy cats here in Room D113: Fashion.  As such, we would like you to read and consider our positions on the best choice for summertime clothing.  


We hope you enjoy this article and look forward to putting out more great content for you in the fall!


Jorts (Jeans Shorts) ~ Mac

As sweet summer children grow into responsible, worldly adults, the summer season becomes less about youth's uninhibited adventures and more about homeownership's toils. 


Baseball gives way to mowing the lawn. Catching fireflies becomes sweeping ants from driveway cracks before applying this year's layer of sealant. Riding bikes to the lake gets replaced with endless trips to Menards to buy landscaping fabric and wood chips to fill in your flower beds. 


While the youthful (and ignorant) staff of Anchor News may think your summer apparel should consist of flip flops and tank tops, the only article of clothing that can keep up with the rigorous summer schedule of adulthood is a dutiful and industrious pair of jorts.


Simply put, jorts rock. They provide the leeway a wearer requires to pull a weed, lift a bucket of grass or climb up to the roof while still beating the heat as good, if not better, than similar legwear.  


Not only can jorts hold up to the labors of the average summer day, but they're incredibly comfortable loungewear while sitting outside fishing, grilling or at any outdoor activities that come too infrequently at an advanced age. 


Sadly, jorts will always be judged, but, as Canadian physician Gabor Maté says, "When I am sharply judgmental of any other person, it's because I sense or see…some aspect of myself that I don't want to acknowledge." Deep down, everybody knows that jorts are THE ideal summertime garment. It's time for everyone else to buy in and see how the marriage between jeans and shorts creates a happier, more productive world.

Swimsuits ~ Addi

Swimsuits are the perfect summer staple. Not only do they keep you cool and comfortable in the hot weather, but they also allow you to show off your own style and personality! During the warm summer days, you don’t want to be wearing pants that leave a sweat stain on your butt or jorts that ride up cause so much discomfort; you want to be nice and comfortable in a swimsuit! 


There are so many different styles that swimsuits provide. You can get a one piece, long sleeve, shorts, bikinis, and so much more! There are so many styles available and everyone can find something that they feel fabulous in. Swimsuits have been in style for over a hundred years, so wearing a swimsuit will never, EVER go out of style. If you go somewhere with warm weather, you are incredibly likely to see people wearing swimsuits everywhere - even in shops or restaurants.


Also, you never know when you will need a swimsuit. If you wear jorts to a pool (specifically on a diving board), you are more than likely to get in trouble with a lifeguard. You could be taking a nice summer walk in a forest or along a beach and find a nice tidepool or stream to jump into. You could also be walking down a boardwalk and someone offers you a chance to go snorkeling in crystal clear waters. If you aren’t wearing a swimsuit, you’re likely to miss out, leaving your day a lot less entertaining.


Overall, wearing a swimsuit is a great way to embrace your body and feel confident in your own skin. Summer is all about having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather, and a swimsuit allows you to do just that. So get your swimsuit on and go show off your unique style in the sun!


Shorts ~ Carys

When summertime rolls around, clothing can be hard to find because there are so many options to choose from. However, one of the best things you can do in the summer is stay comfortable and cool. That's why I think shorts are the best thing to wear in the summer. I don't mean the scratchy, uncomfortable feeling of jorts. I mean the soft, stretchy fabric of everyday athletic shorts.


These shorts are amazing because they are comfortable, loose and stylish. Whether you are enjoying the outdoor weather by playing games or going on a walk, or inside watching a movie or reading a book, this type of clothing is perfect for everyone. 


One thing to keep in mind is price. Cotton or polyester fabric is cheaper than denim or khaki which makes it cheaper to buy these clothes. Why waste your money on ugly, uncomfortable clothing when you can save your money and live comfortably!

T-Shirts ~ Nyah

With an abundance of choices out there for your summer apparel, there is naturally only one right answer; that right answer being t-shirts, of course. There is no better choice than a t-shirt to help you ride out the overbearingly hot summer days. 


One of many reasons why t-shirts are the superior clothing article, is the breathability. T-shirts are naturally loose and breathable. They keep you covered but they don’t smother you, like some other summer apparel out there. 


Another reason why t-shirts are the best option is because of the variations in design. There are t-shirts out there that suit everyone’s unique style while still allowing them the opportunity to express themselves. For example, there are printed t-shirts with catchy phrases on them for those who aspire to give people a quick laugh, but there are also plain, simple Ts for the more reserved beings out there. 


T-shirts can also go with everything. Whether it be a skirt, jeans, shorts, or pajamas, t-shirts are multipurpose tops that can complete any outfit. Not only do they look good with anything, but they also make it look effortless. Sounds like a steal to me. 


All in all, I can go on and on about why t-shirts are the most elite pick of the bunch, but I already know I don’t need to. Anyone who has any sense of fashion already agrees with me. Anyone who doesn’t…well… I’ll let that speak for itself. 


Zoey ~ Sunglasses 

Summer apparel choices can be hard when it comes to buying. With the many trends coming and going, staying hip can end up being a waste of money. When you buy sunglasses, however, they go with any trend. 


Sunglasses are a must-have during the summer, especially early morning and evening times. With the hot, bright sun in your eyes, sunglasses can shield you from the summertime glare monster. There are also many different types of sunglasses - depending on whether you want a small shield or a really big shield from the sun. 


Sunglasses are the utmost definite touch to add to any outfit. Whether it be a crop top or cargo pants, well throw on a pair of sunglasses and it completes the outfit. Or let's say you want to wear sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt, grab a pair of sunglasses to complete the outfit. 


Price ranges are also very budget friendly. If you want a good pair of sunglasses, you can get some from your local grocery store for a little over $20. However, if you want the newest best brand that is where they get a little expensive. Raybans and Oakleys range anywhere from $100 to $400. Like anything else on this list, spend at whatever price suits you best.


All in all, sunglasses never are out of style and can complete every outfit. Out of all the summer apparel out there, sunglasses are really the best!


Hawaiian Shirts ~ Virginia

Do you think you know what the best summer apparel is? Well, unless you agree with me, you’re  WRONG! The best summer apparel, hands down, are Hawaiian button-up shirts. 


First of all, they are so comfortable. They can be worn for anything from the ordinary to the bizarre. Be it bike riding or sand surfing, these shirts can keep you cool and comfortable no matter the circumstances.


Second of all, they are greatly convenient. Even though we wish we could, we can not swim in our Hawaiian shirts, but they do make a great swimsuit coverup. They button up easily and make it so you can walk around a summer get-together without exposing yourself. They have an easily accessible pocket right on the chest for items that you reach for a lot. What more could you ask for?


I’ll tell you. Hawaiian shirts are, frankly, super stylish. The louder, the prouder. From their outstanding designs, to marvelous fit, there is nothing that can stop you when you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt. 


So, grab your wallet, hop in your car, and drive to your nearest Hawaiian shirt distributor to make you the most stylish, comfortable and conveniently dressed this summer.                 

Sandals ~ Brenna

Shoes. A delicacy to life. With summer around the corner, you need to have the proper pair of shoes to make your feet feel like they aren't walking on old fireworks and concrete - even though they might be. 


There are numerous choices when considering a pair of shoes, so you need to pick the right option. If you are looking for a summer pair of shoes - look no further. I would - and will - argue that sandals are the perfect summer apparel. They are easy to take on and off, you can wear them with or without socks and they allow your toes to feel the breeze. 


Now don't get me wrong, I agree that sometimes sandals slip off too easily, but that is why I would also consider Crocs to be a solid investment. 


I personally do not own a pair, but my peers have told me of the luxurious rubber shoe. It has all of the perks of a sandal, except with a strap for your heel. Some people would consider Crocs to be a type of sandal and as someone who has done extensive research on sandals recently, I would disagree. 


I believe a Croc is considered more of a water shoe than a sandal and is the better choice if you will be near the water this summer. Since they are made out of rubber, they won't get ruined by taking a little dip. 


Regardless, either the sandal or the Croc could be your ideal summer shoe, depending on if you plan on cooling off in the water or not. 


Long Sleeves ~ Evan

As temperatures soar in the summer, many people reach for shorts, tank tops and other summer staples to stay cool. However, experts (experts named Evan Reab) are now recommending a surprising alternative: long sleeves.


According to fashion experts (also named Evan Reab) and medical professionals (named Dani Bayer), long sleeves are actually the best choice of clothing for staying comfortable and protected during the hot summer months.


One reason for this is that long sleeves provide more coverage and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. While many people assume that short sleeves or tank tops are cooler in the heat, they actually expose more skin to the sun and can lead to painful sunburns and long-term skin damage. Long sleeves on the other hand can help prevent sunburn and even lower the risk of skin cancer.


Additionally long sleeves can actually help keep you cooler in hot weather. When you wear short sleeves, the sun's rays can heat up your skin, causing you to feel hot and uncomfortable. However long sleeves can create a barrier between your skin and the sun, helping to keep you cooler and more comfortable.


Another benefit of long sleeves is that they can protect you from insect bites and other outdoor hazards. Mosquitoes, ticks and other pests are common in the summer months, and long sleeves can provide an extra layer of protection against these biting insects.


Of course, not all long sleeves are created equal. It's important to choose lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate and prevent you from feeling overheated. Materials like cotton and linen are good choices for summer long sleeves.


So if you're looking for a way to stay comfortable and protected during the hot summer months, consider swapping out your tank tops and short sleeves for long sleeves. Not only will you look stylish and put-together, but you'll also be doing your body a favor by protecting it from the sun's harmful rays and other outdoor hazards.


Tank Tops ~ Lexi

Looking for the perfect summer apparel? You’ve come to the right place. What’s better than a nice, cool and airy tank top? Certainly not a long sleeve t-shirt or a boring old shortsleeve. 


Tank tops are perfect for summer because you can wear them with almost anything. You can pair them with jorts and skorts, or you can wear them over your bathing suit. They work for any hot weather occasion and keep you nice and cool all while looking stylish.


You don’t have to worry about gross sweat stains in your armpits with tank tops either. These tops let you sweat freely without any shame. They’re also not a hassle to put on like Hawaiian shirts. There are no annoying buttons or collars that need to be messed with. You just put it on and go.


Altogether tank tops are obviously the way to go this summer. You’ll be feeling cool all summer long without any need to worry about having sweat stains in your armpits or forgetting to button a button.

Goggles ~ Camila

It’s that time of year again - goggles time! On a hot and sweaty humid summer day, it’s always the perfect weather to go and take a swim in your local pool or lake. However, you can’t just wade into the pool without the proper swimming equipment such as goggles! 


How else can you see all the mysteries below the surface of that murky water in our local Nebraska lakes? Of course, that is not their only purpose. They are clearly a necessary summertime accessory to have a splendid time while you swim. 


For example, you can always practice your diving skills at the pool by throwing plastic rings and retrieving them. This activity is fun on its own, but it is much more efficient and more manageable when you have goggles! You can see it all under the water, fish, clingy aquatic plants, and creepy things people have lost or left at the lake.


Similarly, at the pool when you get into splash fights with your friends or family, it is so much easier to win the battle as you have goggles to shield your eyes from any water they splash at you. As you can see goggles are clearly a must-have item while you swim. 


They come in all sorts of colors, themes, and sizes. There is a perfect pair of goggles for everyone, and going swimming without them clearly shows you were not prepared to make the most of your swimming experience. 


Now don’t get me wrong, I myself have been made fun of for wearing my stylish goggles, but those same people always end up begging for a pair later on. Luckily for them, I always bring a second pair of goggles! 


After much consideration, I hope you too realize that goggles are a necessity to having the best time while you swim. Clearly, there is no better way to spend your pool and lake days this summer than with a good pair of goggles.


Stringers ~ Marissa 


As the hot summer days approach us, fewer layers of clothes become the best way to stay cool. You also need to be ready to flex on anyone at any moment - a stringer is best for that. 


To start out a stringer is basically a tank top but with even smaller straps and arm holes that are cut even farther down. Typically, stringers are loose-fitting by nature, and do not require manually stretching out the fabric.


There is nothing better than clothes being comfortable and convenient, especially during the hot midwest summers. Stringers are comfortable because they are meant to be activewear. They are usually made of cotton and are easy to take off in a split second.


Stringers are all-inclusive on all body types. You can be beefy, lean, short, tall, old, young, or anything. No one is putting you down for weaning a stringer just because of your body type.


If you want to be comfortable and have a convenient top to take off in a second before jumping into the pool or lake, a stringer is the tank for you. Stringers are the best.


Hats ~ Carla

The garment of the summer is hats. Floppy hats, baseball caps, straw hats, bucket hats, whatever your style there’s a hat out there waiting to be yours! Hats are very versatile and extremely fashionable, no matter what anybody else says. Let a hat be your brand new summer staple.


The sun is doing its job heating up our neighborhoods, what is going to protect you from the dangers of the sun’s rays besides a hat? Nothing. This is relevant because everyone is going to be outside soaking up the joys of no school and the fun times ahead. 


Also, hats just make you look cooler and rack up your street cred. When you hit the town and the sun’s in your eyes and you can feel the heat creeping on your neck, you look for your trusty baseball cap to save your evening out. When you're on vacation and feel like something is missing from your everyday outfit, it's a big floppy hat. Wanting to try something new and trendy? Maybe you're in the market for a bucket hat.


You don’t have to strain your brain for something to add to your summer wardrobe. Hats ARE the answer. They are multifunctional, cool, they add to your overall look, and there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your personal style.

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