Spanish Competition Steals Some Sweet Wins!

It is coming close to that time when everyone is wrapping up their classes.  Well, this year’s Spanish classes have refused to allow summer-itis to impact their academic performance. April 13th’s Spanish Competition saw to that.


This competition was held at UNL and went all day, allowing for some epic wins to be made. Well, over thirty different schools were in attendance, which made for a huge field vying for the day’s trophies.


At this competition, there were two categories. One category was Heritage Speaker and the other was Level 2 for students learning Spanish.  The subcategories (the ones that were judged) included Music, Drama, Poetry, Dance, and Short Film. 


CHS’s Silvia De Leon in Art. Rocio Espin took first place in Poetry HS. Sara Lasso placed first in Music HS. Kelyn Garrelts, Eden Jackson, Jess Larson and Reagan Messersmith brought their A-game and placed first in Folk Dance. Sarah Lasso, Rafael Azpeitia, Amairany Hernandez and Karyme Arcos took first in Drama HS, while Kelyin Garrelts, Jess Larson, Reagan Messersmith and Brenden Serr got first in Drama. 


According to Mrs. Velasco, it was an awesome event. “The plays were very good this year and I was very proud of how they all did,” she said. All of the time they put into it paid off, for all of the wins they took home.  Overall, it was a very successful and thrilling event. 


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