She Said/ They Said: DOGS>CATS

Has anyone ever heard of the term “It’s raining cats and dogs?” If not then beware, because those very things are going down, right here, right now. Someone made it known that they think cats are better than dogs. Absurd. Dogs are infinitely better than cats and here’s why: 



To begin, I’m not the only one who feels this way. I asked 300 people and out of those, there are 234 sensible people who agree with me. Now, lots of people justifiably preferring one four-legged companion to another isn’t necessarily a reason to assume superiority, but 234 out of 300 people can’t be wrong!  For each one of those people, there is likely a particular dog that made them feel this way. Those are 234 unique reasons to choose dogs over cats. If you’re keeping score at home, tally 234 points in the “Dog” column right off the bat.  Don’t worry about the 60-whatever people who chose cats.  That math is too hard.



“I like dogs better because I feel they bond with humans more,” says Paighton Erb. 

I couldn’t have said it better myself, friend. Dogs do bond with people, hasn’t anyone seen “Marley and Me”? Even though Marley doesn’t listen as well as his owners would like him to, they still love him dearly because of a tie that brings them together. 



While it is a common misconception that cats don’t bond with their humans the same way that dogs do, cats are just as attached as dogs. The significant difference is, though, that cats show their affection in a completely different way. This difference is what brings me to my next point, dogs are the better bet because they are endearingly adorable bundles of love.   



You can always rely on the canine genus to make your day better. Did you ever notice that your dog waits for you by the door when you come home?  That’s because they miss you when you’re away. To them, you are gone for a year or more, so they, sure as milk bones, come running as soon as they hear you unlock the door and wait by your feet to begin their daily dose of love and pets. While cats wait for you to get home too, they do it because they know they are about to get fed - NOT out of pure love.



Continuing on, dogs are so much more active than cats. The number of games you can play with dogs is unending!  You can play fetch, tug of war, keep-away or just about anything you could imagine.  While I acknowledge the fact that you can indeed play with a cat, if I wanted to dangle a string all day and wait for something to catch it, I’d go fishing. 



Dogs also love going on walks and car rides!  Cats DO NOT like leashes and get motion sick in vehicles.  The exercise and adventures you can go on with your dog are REALLY tipping the scales here if you ask me.



As Colby Smolek accurately states, “I have always loved how obedient and loyal dogs are.” Dogs are a man's best friend for a reason. They are the most loving and loyal pet anyone can have. A dog gets supreme enjoyment out of learning tricks, following commands and, in general, making their human happy.  Now, I have to acknowledge that while independence in your pet is perfectly okay, a dog literally lives to serve while cats live to BE served.



In conclusion, while dogs and cats are both acceptable options, dogs are immeasurably better because they bond strongly with their humans, they are loyal, more affectionate, and more active. Now, if you are in the minority group who chose cats, I am not saying you are wrong…but you are wrong. Enough with this cat and mouse game over which is better. It’s been settled. HOWEVER, if you want to see how Raquel wasted their time arguing for cats, check out their article here.



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