How the Earth is Benefiting from COVID-19

Despite the horror of the Coronavirus and its devastating effects around the world, there may be a positive outcome of this pandemic. The positive outcome is not necessary for the people living on Earth, but it is for the Earth itself. The pandemic has caused everyone to be ordered to stay indoors and “self-quarantine” to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. With that being said, more people are staying indoors as much as they can, causing many public places like movie theaters and schools to close down. With streets and cities around the world becoming vacant because of self-quarantining, the Earth itself is living its best life.


For instance, geoscientists admit that there is way less seismic noise. With less seismic noise, meaning less sounds of cars or construction, Earth and many of its creatures are benefitting from the lack of noise pollution. With less noise, animals will be less bothered, less scared, and ultimately less likely to go wondering around, getting lost in search of an escape from the noise. Another way the Earth is benefitting from the Coronavirus is less air pollution. In places like China, the air quality has been clearer than it has been due to the many factories that shut down production. This reduces the amount of carbon dioxide contributing to problems such as global warming. Unluckily, the decrease in air pollution may only be temporary. To continue, waters in the canals of Venice have been clearing up, causing sea animals to reclaim what is theirs. Clearer waters mean a better environment for sea creatures. Even larger sea mammals such as dolphins could be seen swimming freely in the waters of Venice, Italy with the decrease in human pollution.


To conclude, these changes within the planet will not remain forever. Instead, it is a clear sign of how humanity affects the nature of the planet. But it is humanity’s choice of whether or not to make the change the environment needs. For now, let’s hope for the best and let all this pass.


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