Is It The Right Time To Be Shopping Online?

We are living in a time where we are blessed with online shopping. It is the easiest and convenient activity to do for everyone. You could easily order anything from foods to clothes to other essential or non-essential items. But as the Coronavirus progresses through the world, consumers are starting to wonder whether it is safe to order items, especially non-essential items online.


It is understandable to be shopping online for groceries and/or other necessities if you are unable to travel to your local store, but can we still order items like clothes or a new pair of shoes or maybe even furniture? Many retail and other non-essential businesses have been ordered to close in order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. However, just because they have closed, it does not mean you cannot shop online. Well known retail and non-essential stores have noted to shoppers they can still shop for their favorite items online. 


As people stay indoors and decide to do online ordering, there are questions that need to be addressed before clicking the order button. Is it safe to be accepting any type of packaging? Can the virus sturvive on the items I have purchased? Will I be putting the people who package, ship, and deliver these purchases at risk of being exposed to the virus? Is it even the right moment to care about buying a new outfit or Airpods?


If you still plan on going ahead to ordering online, there are ways to safely handle packaging. Make sure to sanitize the package before opening it and wash your hands afterward. If you ordered any clothing from secondary markets, clean them as you would with other clothing which will help take care of secondhand items. Maybe decide whether you NEED a product before buying it. Ask yourself “Is it worth buying that cute $90 handbag or should I buy it later?” Limiting online shopping can help us to think about all the workers and the problems that have arisen through this crisis. Yet, ordering can help the people who pack, ship and deliver. When you do order, it means they still get to keep working and still get a paycheck since there are orders needed to be packed and delivered. 


 You can also consider shopping at local businesses that may be struggling right now. Either shopping instore while following social distancing guidelines or online, you can still help them out by purchasing items. Whether it is through delivery or curbside pickup, anything that you buy will make a difference to them.  


To answer the question of whether I should still order non-essential items during the pandemic? Yes, the answer is yes you can. You can still order your candles, clothes, handbags, a new nightstand, and all that you wish to buy, as long as you keep sanitizing packages and washing your hands afterward. 



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