Stadler is saying goodbye to CHS

Grant Stadler has been teaching at Columbus High for one year but he has left a big impression on his students and the teachers. Mr. Stadler is moving to Saint Charles, Missouri to teach at a Lutheran high school. “Being able to teach religion was a part of my degree in college and I wanted to fulfill my degree.”


Stadler engages in his lectures to make it fun and still get his point across. History teacher Nathan Coan said, “Students may or may not realize it, but Mr. Stadler has an incredibly funny and witty personality that we all appreciate. He always has an amusing story about something that happened during his day that gets us laughing.” 


As a student of Mr. Stadler, I am very sad to see him go. I only had 1 semester with him, and he still made learning U.S History fun and engaging.  He gets along with all of his students and makes everyone feel like they accomplished something. 


Mr. Sadler is an amazing teacher and he will be missed by students and teachers alike. We wish you well on your journey in Saint Charles. 

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