He Said She Said: The Case for Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving

As long as Christmas music has been around, there has always been this question. When is it too early to listen to Christmas music? Some people believe that after Thanksgiving is the appropriate time to start listening, and others believe that listening before Thanksgiving is acceptable. I believe that listening to Christmas early is not only acceptable but a smart and reasonable thing to do.


The first reason to play Christmas music early is it improves your mood and mental health. Christmas music helps to get through the cold weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and makes an otherwise stressful time a little less stressful. The improved mood gained from this early Christmas music listening will also be beneficial in your work or school life. An improved mood leads to improved job performance or better grades. Your merry mood will also inspire other people and make them want to improve their mood as well.


Another reason for early Christmas music listening is that the Christmas season is fast, furious, and does not stick around for long. Even the merriest of Christmas music listeners say they are unlikely to listen after Christmas. If a person waits until after Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music that leaves less than a month to listen. That’s only 8.4% of the year to listen to some of the greatest and most established Christmas songs of all time! I, along with many others, believe that these songs deserve more time to be enjoyed before being shelved for another long eleven months.


A third reason for getting into the season earlier is that you will be subconsciously reminded to get your Christmas shopping done early. Most stores have their best deals on possible gift items the week before and the week of Thanksgiving. This means that early Christmas music listeners are more likely to take advantage of these deals than late Christmas music listeners and are less likely to procrastinate buying Christmas gifts. This will result in you and the person who is receiving your gift both being satisfied with the gift.


In conclusion, Christmas music should be listened to early for many reasons. Early listeners have better mental health, enjoy the season longer, and capitalize on early-season bargains. I believe everyone can benefit from listening to Christmas music early and everyone should try it.


For the "She Said" portion of "He Said, She Said," check out this link to Jessica's article about why Christmas music should wait until after washing your Thanksgiving dishes: https://www.fusfoo.com/article/9982/He-Said-She-Said-The-Case-of-Christmas-Music-After-Thanksgiving.html

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