Second Presidential Debate Much Tamer


Curb Event Center, Nashville, TN - The Final Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place in a much cleaner battle. This debate featured new rules after the messy first debate which was plagued with interruptions; the microphones would now be muted between candidates between their turns speaking.


This debate featured topics regarding coronavirus, medical insurance, the economy, potential election interference, and social issues. Biden throughout the debate seemed to focus on Trump's failures as president, most notably his COVID-19 response. Biden stated, “Anyone that is responsible for that many deaths should not remain president of the United States of America. We’re in a situation where there are a thousand deaths a day now.” Donald Trump on the other hand focused on pointing out flaws in Biden's plans as president and his mistakes as Vice President and in the Senate, “You were vice president along with Obama as your president, your leader, for eight years, why didn’t you get it done? You had eight years to get it done, now you’re saying that you’re going to get it done because you’re all talking and no action.”


The debate proved to be much better than the first in terms of being able to show the visions of each candidate and their criticisms of each other. The debate slightly raised Trump’s odds of winning in a few states, but overall Biden still has the advantage of going into election night. This was the final interaction between the two candidates before the election, and we will soon find out who will be president in January.

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