Students Taking Big Steps

Students Taking Big Steps

By: Malia McShane Langston


Coraopolis, PA - At Cornell High School, students Malia McShane Langston and Eriyah Goosby are both taking part in the Spring 2022 LAUNCH program. LAUNCH stands is an acronym that stands for learn, aspire, understand, navigate, connect, and highlight. This program offers guidance to young women who want to take part in STEM in their adult years. 


Both students are excited to see what this program can offer them. Malia says she’s “excited and nervous” about the program. 


“I get excited when I meet new people, so this is definitely something I’m looking forward to. However, I am nervous as well, excited and nervous,” Malia exclaimed. Eriyah on the other hand is pleased by the opportunity; however, she wishes she was “on a nice vacation.” She could go on a small dinner date after the program because the students will receive get $250 as compensation for completion of the program.


Good luck to Malia and Eriyah on their new adventure!



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