Star Football Player Proposes to Varsity Cheerleader

She says yes!--Star football player, Ty Luster, proposes to varsity cheerleader, Kennedy Jackson.

Cornell students were excited all day because their was an early dismissal on the Friday of the big “Battle of Coraopolis."  Cornell’s football team was getting prepared to face their rival, Coraopolis natives, the OLSH Chargers. Immense tension has been heating up this summer between the two teams.

A happy moment amongst the tension, star football player, Ty Luster, proposes to varsity cheerleader, Kennedy Jackson for a date to homecoming scheduled October 15th in the high school gym. Luster asked Paitence Gibson who is known for her artistic talent to help make a creative sign that would ask Jackson to homecoming. Luster assigned ten cheerleaders a letter that would spell out ‘HOMECOMING.'  He received permission from the guidance office to attain legal excuses for students to leave class early to prepare for his grand proposal. The participants left their fifth period class before the early dismissal at 11:50 am. They met in the lobby by the cafeteria doors, and they were in their positions waiting for the reaction! The bell rung at noon, and students fled the lobby coming from lunch and all their different classrooms. As Jackson approached the lobby, the cheerleaders yelled out their assigned letter and shouted “Homecoming?” excitingly as Luster went down to one knee with his sign and packs of candy at hand.

Covering her face from shock, Jackson went to Luster and hugged him confirming her answer. She said ‘yes’! They took pictures and recorded videos, and everyone went on their assigned buses and went home to prepare for the game.

She Said, "Yes"
Na'Dhama and Kennedy are going to Homecoming together

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