Cornell Role Models - Tavis Bogue Interview by John May

Recently, members of the Cornell Hilltop were asked to create a video interview with a Cornell Alum or someone who is currently attending Cornell.  The goal of this project was to exemplify the benefits and positive aspects of attending Cornell, improve student morale, and voice a variety of experiences and opinions from our school. I chose to interview Tavis Bogue, a sixteen year veteran of Cornell. I've had Mr. Bogue as a science teacher for two years, spent a week in Wallops Island, VA with him and other Bio-Chem students, and plenty of free time in the STEAM lab alongside him. I chose Mr. Bogue as a Cornell Role Model since he successfully introduces a dynamic teaching method, effectively presents new ideas and theories to students, and pushes them to go farther and farther into the sciences. More importantly, Mr. Bogue has always brought a positive attitude to the classroom, as well as a unique personality and a feeling of companionship to all of his students. Please watch and enjoy the full interview below. Beyond the comical introduction, Mr. Bogue brings sixteen years of Cornell experience to the table and opens up his history with our "little school on the hill." 

I am a senior at Cornell High School currently working for the Hilltop. 

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