New Quarterback in Pittsburgh

by Nooch D'Alessandro

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Steelers signed the second overall pick in 2017, Mitch Trubisky.  He was drafted by the Bears and played four seasons with them. Trubisky also played one season with the Buffalo Bills where he sat behind an all-pro quarterback, Josh Allen. Most people say that he was a bust because he didn’t have that much success when he was playing with the Bears, but he has a record of 34-23 in his career. If your quarterback has a winning record for his career, then I don’t think you should say he’s a bust. The head coach at the time when he played for the Bears was Matt Nagy, and he was recently fired this offseason. That opened up the conclusion that Matt Nagy is not a good coach and didn’t use Trubisky to his full potential. It shows because Mitch Trubisky is a mobile quarterback who can run very well, but he was hardly used in his time in Chicago.  When he played for the Bears, he led them to the playoffs two times. As a young quarterback, it's not easy making the playoffs. Trubisky also is a pro bowler. I don’t think people should write Trubisky off because he has the stats to prove that he should be a starter in this league. With the Steelers signing him, I think he can make the Steelers contenders for the Superbowl.


Mitch Trubisky will fit well with Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s scheme because of his mobility. Canada likes to do a lot of rolling out, and I think that is one of Trubisky’s strong suits. The Steelers barely showed that last season because of former Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s lack of mobility. Trubisky will also do better in Pittsburgh because of the offensive weapons around him. In Pittsburgh, he has a better running back and better receivers compared to the Bears. During his time with the Bears, the offensive line was a bit of a struggle. He is going to deal with that in Pittsburgh; but hopefully, the Steelers can rebuild their line to protect Trubisky. Trubisky is going to work with an amazing head coach, Mike Tomlin. In his fifteen years of coaching, he has never had a losing season. Trubisky is also playing with a great defense. During his time in Chicago, he had a solid defense and that helped the Bears get to the playoffs. I think Trubisky is in the same situation in Pittsburgh that he was in Chicago. Compared to his time with the Bears, he has better offensive weapons, a coaching staff, and a better defense. I think that the Steelers are going to have a winning record even if Trubisky wasn’t there. Trubisky is definitely going to be a part of the Steelers' success because of his talent at the quarterback position. With Trubisky’s mobility, it is going to make their offense way more dynamic.


The signing of Mitch Trubisky doesn’t mean that the Steelers won’t draft a quarterback in this year's draft. We don’t know that Trubisky is going to play well. In this situation, he is most likely going to be a bridge quarterback until the Steelers find a franchise quarterback. If he plays well, then he will probably be the Steelers' franchise quarterback. He has played long enough to mentor a rookie quarterback. I think that the Steelers should not draft a quarterback in the first round because they need to draft either a lineman or a defensive back. If a decent quarterback is still on the board in the second round,  then I think the Steelers should draft one. People should have confidence in Mitch Trubisky, he doesn’t have a losing record in his career. He just didn't show what he is capable of because of his old coach.

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