Your Guide to a Safe Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America. It is not only a time for children to dress up in their spooky costumes, but many people stimulate the economy by spending lots of money on Halloween decorations and candy. Many have wondered how Halloween would look like this year; some have even discussed canceling Halloween due to COVID-19. Going trick-or-treating and doing other fall activities can seem unseasonably scary in times like these; however, there are some things you can do to assure you have a safe Halloween. 


If you would like to have a somewhat regular Halloween, there are some guidelines you should follow. The first thing you should do is make sure you don’t have any symptoms. You should also plan for most of your activities being outside and avoid indoor activities for long periods of time. Continue to wear a proper mask and social distance. If your Halloween costume has a facemask, you should still wear a cloth mask to ensure your safety. Try to avoid Trick-or-Treating with people outside of your household. Hand out candy outside instead of from your doorstep or have individual goodie bags set up for people to take. You could even use tongs to place the candy in each basket. 


If you are in the Halloween spirit but are too old to trick or treat, there are still low-risk activities in which you are able to participate. When one thinks of fall, pumpkins will more than likely pop into your mind. One fun activity you can do this Halloween is carving or decorating pumpkins with those in your household. If you want to invite others who are not within your household, the CDC recommends going outside and remaining a safe distance to decorate your pumpkins. There are also virtual costume contests for you and your Halloween homies. You could also set up a family movie night or bake a ton of fun Halloween treats. Since facemasks are required almost everywhere you go, you could create a mask to go with your costume or decorate a mask to fit the season.  


Some of the traditional Halloween activities are too unsafe to do this year. Things like going to people's doorstep and trunk or treating are not the best idea since there is personal contact. Avoid large groups, and people from different households and clusters of people, like hayrides. Indoor activities, like haunted houses, are also a bad idea. Traveling to high-risk areas should also be avoided.  


Even though Halloween will be different this year, you can still have a ton of fun. Remember to follow all of the CDC guidelines to keep safe and be careful if you are going out.

My name is Alondra Castillo. It is my third year on the CHS Anchor News team and my last year of high school! I enjoy reading, writing, hanging out with friends, and of course, watching netflix. I look forward to writing articles for you to read! Wear your maroon proudly, and as always, go discoverers! 

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