Fall Breeze and Autumn Leaves

Fall is an amazing season to start getting your sweaters out and get into a happy spirit. Most people like the fall weather because it is comforting and the temperature starts to get cooler. People like the fall season due to the relief from the summer heat, the ability to turn off the air conditioner, and the opportunity to open windows and let the fall breeze fill one's home.


Another wonderful thing during fall is you can open up your curtains, see the trees change colors over time, and watch the leaves fall. One place to watch the trees change colors and the leaves descend is around Columbus’s Pawnee Park; there are so many trees around that area, and it is heard that there are many trees that start losing their leaves and start modifying colors quickly.


While the weather is getting cooler and leaves are beginning to change, a fall activity that people enjoy doing during this wonderful season includes visiting the pumpkin patch. A lot of people like to visit there because there are many things to see and do. The place lets you enjoy your time and make memories with your family and friends. Many things that people enjoy doing is picking out the right pumpkin to carve, going through corn mazes, seeing the barnyard animals, and taking a stroll on the hayrack rides. The pumpkin patch leaves most people with nothing but joy. It is an amazing experience to celebrate the fall season. 


Besides the fun at pumpkin patches, people like to go to their favorite coffee shops so they can sip their favorite fall drinks and devour their favorite fall food. Fall drinks that some people enjoy are the Pumpkin Cold Foam Cold Brew, Pumpkin Spice Latte, S'mores Cold Brew, Salted Caramel Latte, and the Pumpkin Spice Frappe. These drinks leave an amazing warm or cold sensation for the fall season. Many people love fall drinks because they give off a sweet taste and are very delicious to enjoy on a fall day.


It is said that Saturdays in the fall are for the Husker Nation.  This fall tradition had to be delayed this year due to COVID is the start of the Nebraska Cornhusker football schedule. However, the directors of the football season finally announced that there will be Husker football and that the football team will be starting October 24th. This means we can finally get ready to watch some football and snuggle into our favorite blankets. Most people on Saturday mornings are opening up the window so that the cool breeze flows in and getting the channel ready to watch some Husker football. 


The most exciting thing most people like doing to get festive is to decorate their houses.  One of the many things that most people like to do is go out and buy seasonal fruit like squash, apples, and gourds for display for shelves, tables, and many other places in the house too. One of the fun ways to make one’s home look beautiful is to cover tables or shelves with a cloth that has patterns like plaid, polka dots, and even some with stripes. Many people like to use these tables and shelves to also make the display of the seasonal fruit look organized and make it go with the theme of things in the house. I think that this gives people a feeling of fall and what it should start to look like. Getting a mini fireplace in the living room to warm up the house on chilly days and decorating around it is something that people like to do to give the family and the guests that cozy feeling when being in the house as well.


All in all, many people enjoy the fall season because of these wonderful things. It is a great season to get out blankets, sweaters, decorations, and getting to watch football. This season is also a great time to make memories with family and friends and going to get your favorite fall drinks to sip on. Enjoy it while it is here because soon it’ll be winter time!

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