Weird But True Facts

Weird but true. Nothing better suits a definition for the word confusion than this. Personally, I love learning weird and interesting facts. There is always something special about them and the looks that one gets from telling others can be pretty fun. Here are some really weird, but true facts that I know or looked up to make this fun article!


First of all, there are more than 500 types of bananas. Most people think of the common yellow ones which are generally Cadevish, but bananas can be red, pink, or purple. To name a few kinds there are Baby Bananas (which are small and tiny), Blue Java Bananas (which are blue and said to have a sweet flavor like ice cream), and Orinoco Bananas (which are usually wider and shorter than the stereotypical yellow curved banana).


In addition, there is no way to be backward on a set of stairs. No matter which way you stand, a direction is in front of you for you to go in. Unless it is the wrong way that you want to go, then just do a 180 and viola. A new direction. 


Another weird fact is that a man named Ronald McDonald once robbed a Wendy’s. Yes, you read that right. In New Hampshire, this 22-year-old man, with no relation to the fictional character or creation of the fictional character robbed a Wendy’s. 


Along with those facts, the best first date to take someone on is to a scary movie. Though odd, this gets the heart racing and emotions flowing which can often help to break “awkward tensions” on the first date.


Good news! That year-old honey that is sitting in the back of the cupboard, is not expired and can still be used for whatever the heart desires. The only food to never spoil is honey.


Finally, if you point your car keys to your head, it increases the remote’s signal range. You will look silly doing this, but give it a try. It weirdly works. This is made possible by using the brain to act as a radio transmitter.


By now, I am sure that you are pretty speechless and are looking up these to make sure that I am accurate. Test out these on your friends and family to see what they think of them and show off your new strange knowledge learned. Have a safe end to the school year and if you are bored, look up even more facts! You can never have enough and will never know when they will come in handy! 


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I am a returning staffer and extremely excited for this year! Other than Newspaper, I am involved in Cross Country, Marching Band, Swim team,  and National Honor Society. Outside of school,  I am a member of Girl Scouts, Venture Scouts, and participate in my local Youth Group. I also enjoy traveling to go spend time with my family. If  I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Paris, France.

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