Coronavirus Steals All High School Proms and Graduations

Many high school students dream of prom and graduation, but those dreams all came crashing down due to the Coronavirus. At first, the school was only supposed to be closed for a short period of time. There were still hopes for prom and graduation. As time went on, those hopes and dreams quickly decreased. Schools are now closed for the rest of the current school year. Prom and graduation were canceled as well. Seniors worked hard for those twelve years of their academic career, just for it to be taken away from them so suddenly. The current situation is quite upsetting, but other plans are being made for the 2020 seniors.


Most schools are set on virtual graduation. While it is not ideal, it is at least something that can be used to honor these students. Some schools even brought up a drive-in idea for graduation, where students' pictures would be shown on the big screen and their name would be called. A lot of schools are planning on regular, physical graduation when things return to normal. Prom will most likely not happen this year. Maybe school districts will allow seniors to attend next year’s prom.


These cancellations are disappointing to students, but at least there are alternative plans to honor them in some way. When things clear up, we can give them the graduation and prom they deserve. For now, all we can do is stay safe and continue to adhere to the quarantine guidelines. Hopefully, Coronavirus will not stick around much longer.

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