The Sports Industry is on a Downward Spiral

The sports world has hit an all-time low in new things to talk about.  With all sports and sporting events being closed, some of the largest companies are losing millions if not billions.  They are not able to bring in any new attractions to help pay for the thousands of dollars in bills that they owe each month.  According to Forbes, the U.S. sports leagues are bound to lose over 5 billion dollars just this year alone.  If this continues over multiple seasons, then they could lose a lot more.  There is talk about starting the NBA back up and MLB with no fans in the stadium but even then they would still have to wait about a month till all the players are back into their professional standards.  Some players do not want to play if there are no fans.  But due to the contracts that they have, if the NBAnba wants to have games then they have to play.  That is only the professionals though. High school and college athletes do not get that advantage.


High school and college athletes are missing out on one year to prove themselves to the next level that they can play.  That is not even it.  Sports players will not be able to get the final experience that they deserved.  These kids have been working for years to prove that they are capable of it.  They wanted to lead their teams to higher standards and show the growth that they have made in the last years.  The seniors will not get to have their senior nights and get to live that glory of being honored by the team as well as the community. and everyone else.  This is the worst thing that could happen on top of all the other things that the seniors are missing out on. 


The coronavirus has messed up everything that anyone was looking forward to over the last 5 months and the next 7.  Sports hurt the most because of the money and memories that are being lost.  People want to witness the sports happen and see the things that people can accomplish in that part of the game. 

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