Teddy Bear Hunt

Young children are probably most confused about the events of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. They might want to go to school, see their friends, or play at their local park. Due to COVID-19, they are stuck mostly inside. A fun way to help them out is by putting a Teddy Bear or stuffed animal in a street-facing window at home. When passing by the homes with their parents, this social distancing scavenger hunt gives them a more exciting view. 


Started by Steevie-Lee Tiller in New Zealand, this social distancing scavenger hunt is more commonly known as the Teddy Bear Hunt. Tiller missed being able to see her extended family and friends. She, and a couple of her cousins, came up with the idea to put up Teddy Bears in their street-facing windows. Within a short period of time, the Teddy Bear Hunt spread all over the world and is now becoming popular within the United States.


As a way to spread some joy through the time of gloom and uncertainty, place a stuffed animal in a street-facing window and encourage neighbors to do the same! If a stuffed animal is not easily accessible, a drawing or printed off image can be hung up in a window with the same effect. Set different goals and see if you can make them while on your journey! How many Teddy Bears can you find? How many different kinds of animals can you see? What is the strangest animal you have seen? Give this activity a try and do not forget to encourage those around you as well! In return, this will make the pass bys more enjoyable for all ages in this time of worry.





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