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With the Covid-19 pandemic leading to the need for social isolation and the closure of schools across the country, many schools have turned to online learning to complete the 2020 school year. Columbus High is among these schools. Now, many students now find themselves taking classes at home. Online classes can be a huge adjustment for most. For those of you struggling to fall into the rhythm of digital learning, here are some tips. 


First off, the setting in which you choose to do your online learning has a tremendous impact on your work. Try to find a quiet, non-distracting place to do your work. Preferably do your schoolwork somewhere with not a lot of foot traffic, talking, or distracting things such as TVs and noisy appliances. Also, make sure you are comfortable, but not too comfortable. I wouldn’t suggest doing your schoolwork in bed, because it is very easy to become apathetic and fall asleep.


Second, make sure you put your phone away. Without a teacher there to enforce this rule, you must make sure you are not distracted by it. Make sure it is on silent, so you will not be tempted to check notifications or texts. If you must, simply keep it in another room away from your work area. In the area of listening to music, I would say try to avoid it. It can become distracting. You want to create an environment as similar to a classroom as possible. 


Third, make sure that you have a routine and time set aside to work on your schoolwork. Have a time designated to working on school every day and do not put it all off until the last minute. If you do a little bit each day, you will not be so overwhelmed at the end of the week. Also, having a routine will help keep you motivated. Be sure to know your teacher’s office hours and ask questions during these times should you need to.   


Lastly, it is a good idea to take small breaks while you are working. Staring at a screen for an hour on end can cause fatigue and be bad for your eyes. Every hour or two, take a small 5-minute break to stretch, rest your eyes and hydrate. Taking a break can also help you maintain your focus when you come back to your computer and you will produce better work. 


Online learning is definitely a change for all of us and is going to have to be a part of this new normal for a while. Despite not being to go to school in person, it is important to still attend in digital form. Hopefully, these tips were useful and will aid you in your online learning adventure for the remainder of the school year.

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