Please Stay Home

Recently the world has been hit with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the United States, many states have placed “Stay-at-Home” restrictions and “Social Distancing” guidelines in order to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. This has forced millions of Americans to stay home unless for essential needs. 


Even with stricter rules being placed, not everyone is following them. Pictures of people participating in social gatherings are plastered all over social media. News outlets show videos of people dancing around on beaches, bars, parties, etc. Insensitive comments are made by spring breakers swirling around the internet. Lastly, people are still attending church services even with the Social Distancing Guidelines in place.  


Governors, Mayors, Celebrities, and Health experts have been constantly urging people to practice good health hygiene and to practice social distancing. In many parts of the world, many have followed these guidelines. Others are struggling badly as if they do not understand a single word they have been told. Many people are just not taking this whole situation seriously. They are not worried about catching the virus or spreading it. 


It is important to follow this message that has been proclaimed for all the millions and millions around the world. STAY AT HOME! Please stay at home. Staying at home will not kill you. It will do the opposite of that. Not only will it save your life but the lives around you. Doing this will help the virus from spreading, and will help the world go back to normal again. 


Not everyone feels comfortable staying at home, and that is understandable. It is hard to stay in one place for days or weeks without going out. But everyone needs to understand what exactly we as a society are dealing with and how to combat it. 


COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. It can be spread through contact with an infected person when they either cough or sneeze. It can spread when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it as well as touching one's eyes, nose, or mouth. ANYONE of all ages, whether healthy or not, can get this virus. 


As of right now, there are currently 1.2 Million confirmed cases globally. The United States leads the world with 330,000 confirmed cases. That is insane to see those numbers and what is worse is they will keep increasing every hour and minute of every day. In order to slow down the spread of this virus, we all must do our part of staying at home.


For me, I live with my parents and my mid-70s-year-old grandmother who will finish her chemo treatment this month. I am afraid to get her, my parents, and myself sick.  I do not want to be a carrier or exhibit symptoms. There are millions of people who feel the same way as I do. We not only want to protect ourselves from getting sick but protect our loved ones, the ones in need, the vulnerable one.


Therefore, staying at home plays an important role to slow down the spread of COVID-19. As we do so, we can help ease hospitals and protect the people around us. We can flatten the curve of this virus.  


There are tons of things we can do to entertain ourselves at home. You can learn how to bake bread or watch movies or shows you have not had the chance to see. Read a book or clean your dirty room. Rekindle an old hobby or stop procrastinating on online work. However you keep yourself busy, you will be part of the many people who are helping to slow down the spread.


Keep practicing good health hygiene. Only go out for essential purposes (like grocery stores, pharmacies or if you still need to go to work). Keep practicing social distancing. This is a very challenging time for all of us, but we can get through this together if we all do our part.



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I am a 4'10 feet tall Junior who loves sleeping and pineapples. This is my second year doing Newspaper for CHS. I enjoy watching Netflix, listening to music, and taking naps.  

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