How the Coronavirus is Affecting Pittsburgh

Right now, there are 163,539 cases of the Coronavirus in the United States. 2,860 people have died in the U.S. dating March 31, 2020. Pennsylvania currently has 4,843 cases, with Allegheny county containing 325 of those cases. These numbers continue to climb in the U.S. without any sign of slowing down. Just over two weeks ago, there were no cases in Allegheny county. Now it’s nearly 600 cases. People are scared and panic has come along with this fear.


All non-essential businesses and schools have been closed during this madness. PA governor, Tom Wolfe, has also placed an 8:00 pm curfew. People should not be out unless it is considered essential. Essential businesses include banks, hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and post offices. People should practice social distancing, which is staying at least 6 feet away from another person. President Trump has extended the social distancing guidelines until at least April 30th. People are advised to practice social distancing, wash their hands, clean commonly used surfaces, and avoid touching their faces. These all decrease your chance of getting COVID-19.


Many people have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus. Those people can file for unemployment, where the process has been sped up for convenience. Walmart is hiring 150,000 workers to help during this time and many other jobs are offering more money to work for them. The government has recently passed a stimulus bill, which will essentially give most U.S. citizens money to help. Many food banks are doing drive-thrus or even deliveries to supply food for those in need.


The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank fed hundreds of families recently when many people used their drive-thru service. Schools in the area are also still providing lunches for students who need it. People of the community are there for each other when someone needs help. We are better together.

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