Club of the Week: Revolution

Get ready for a revolution! With February being Teen Dating Violence Month, CHS Anchor News’ Club of the Week is Revolution! What is Revolution, you may ask? Revolution is a group of different teenagers that teach and spread the cause of dating violence, sexual assault, and bystander intervention. This group goes from school to school with their goal of spreading awareness of dating violence. We asked Abbie Tessendorf and Taylor Amsler, Revolution’s sponsors, a few questions about this amazing group!


  1. When and how did Revolution start?

In the late ’90s, a Center for Survivors staff member named Rosie Heinisch saw a need to reach kids in unhealthy relationships. Her goal was to spread awareness and educate kids in the community through their peers. She started Speakers Bureau and Building Healthy Relationships groups as a way for kids to teach other kids about dating violence and sexual assault. In 2008, Speakers Bureau became known as “Revolution” and has evolved into what it is today.


  1. To those who aren’t familiar with Revolution, what does this group do?

Revolution is most known for their presentation performed for high schools around Nebraska. The dramatization portion of the presentation is written by members of Revolution based on their own experiences, as well as the experiences of their friends. There is also a question and answer portion included in the presentation along with some education points given by the actors.


What many people don’t know about Revolution is that we don’t just do the big school presentations. Revolution also does smaller class presentations on subjects such as healthy dating, bystander intervention, and how to help a friend who has been victimized. They also help with events in the community by volunteering to face paint and help with activities for kids.


  1. What is Revolution’s goal?

Revolution’s goal is to spread awareness about tough topics like dating violence and sexual assault, and we find that the best way to do so is by educating leadership kids so they can teach their peers. When a kid has been victimized, the first person they usually talk to is a friend, so we want to teach kids what to say and how to respond when their friend discloses abuse or trauma to them. Even after Revolution students graduate, they carry those tools with them into the workforce and college, and they find that the education they received is effective for helping others who need it.



Our other goal is to create a culture of proactive bystander intervention so that when kids encounter a situation where they are uncomfortable with what is being said or done, they will speak up for what is right.


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