Valentine's Day- Pros and Cons


Valentines Day falls on February 14th, and is the day of love as most people like to call it. Of course on this day, people will buy gifts for their loved ones and share a day together happily with one another. The good thing about Valentine's Day is that you can show your love to those you care about. Whether you’re giving gifts or receiving them, you’ll feel the joy around once you are around your significant other no doubt. Love is a special thing, and it’s something you shouldn’t throw away regardless of how you see it but sadly, some people think Valentine’s Day is a fake day, that love is just disgusting and unneeded to get by in any circumstance. People tend to think that love is something you can toss around and play with, Valentine’s Day usually ends with someone in the fray, being heartbroken. Technically, the day isn’t even a holiday as it was created by the Romans to celebrate St.Valentine. If you feel lonely or you are in love, maybe you should celebrate this day but if not, why bother? Either way, the day can be a nightmare, or a romantic adventure alone, or together.

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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