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Some people may ask why are we in school? What is the point? Teachers just yell at us and tell us what to do all day.

We all go to school because the teachers  all have goals for us to meet and we all need an education to get further in life. For the people who don’t do anything all day and just basically say “F” this, they’re not going to get far in life.  They don’t care about anything about what they're going to do after school. If kids wouldn’t go to school for a whole year they would miss out on the most important things like English, science, mathematics, health,and history.  Most kids think “Those classes don't matter so I can just skip them and not go to school." That's where most people are wrong. School is one of the most important thing for kids because there aren't many good jobs that will accept people with less than a high school education. 

College is a little different because it’s more challenging and it’s for people who know what they want to do in life. It's for the people who have career goals  that they want to accomplish and careers they want to have until they retire.  Me, personally, I am not considering college for myself because I'm in 10th grade and still don’t know what I want to do for a career.  I have plenty of other options, even if college isn't one of them.

For the people who want to go to college but think they’re not good enough, you have to look at as a goal you're trying to reach, a goal for yourself and if you're serious enough about school, you can reach your goal of going to college.  All it takes is, just like anything else in life,  hard work and dedication to get to reach that goal.

Everyone who doesn't take school seriously, they just have to look at everything they want to accomplish as a challenge that needs to be addressed.  

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