Why Yearbooks are still important

In today’s world, we share our memories through photos, and doing that is very easy, with social media sites such as twitter, facebook, tumblr, snapchat, instagram, flickr,  and others making it easy for friends to send photos to each other.

In this day and age, some people may think that it is not important for high school students to purchase a yearbook before graduating. However, yearbooks still have many advantages over simply keeping photos in a digital format.

As our school’s yearbook squad has stated on posters around our school, “Snapchats don’t last forever, but yearbooks do.”

And that’s true. A picture posted on a social media site might not be there forever. What if something happens to the site and it’s shut down? Or what if you decide to deactivate your account? Any photos that you had on there will be gone forever, lost to you and anyone else who may want to see them.

With a yearbook, however, you’ll always have access to those photos that represent the great memories you have from your time in school, and whether you really enjoy your time in high school or not, it will be nice to be able to look back and remember your time in school, when you spent time with your friends, your teachers, and other peers, who you may have never seen again afterwards.

After graduation, your life will change. No matter who you are in high school, you will not be the same person after graduation, and you will want to look back and remember the person you were back then. So, don’t forget: “Snapchats don’t last forever, but yearbooks do.” Buy your school yearbook today!

 My name is Mattheau Lee Sharp. I am 17 years old, and an aspiring photojournalist. 

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