The Meaning of a True Friend

In life, anything can happen. Throughout our lives, it seems as though we go through friends like candy. Friends with someone one day, then not friends with them the next. So, what happens when you find a true friend?

To me, having a true friend can mean many different things. It could mean, being friends with someone since kindergarten and staying that way all through school and life. It could mean having someone defend you when another person is talking bad about you behind your back. It could even mean losing that friend for awhile, then having them come back when the time is right. 

True friends are harder to come by nowadays. That’s why it’s important to keep them close for as long as you can. These are the people who will be here for you in your darkest times and celebrate your successes as you go throughout your life. 

So, if you have a true friend, be sure to tell them just how much they mean to you. You never know how much time you’ll have left to do it. 

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