The Teachers You'll Always Remember

Currently being a senior in high school there is a lot that I look back on. I look at the friends I’ve made and lost, I see all the homework assignments and tests I’ve done, but most importantly, I’ve seen the teachers who have touched my heart. School is not always easy and sometimes we feel as though we should just quit. However, we don’t because of the great teachers we can have who help to move us forward. What makes a great teacher? A great teacher consists of many things such as: someone who motivates you everyday to do your best, someone who is proud of your successes and helps you grow from your failures, someone who has watched you grow as a person and is proud to see who you’ve become, and so many other qualities all too long to list.

Throughout our years in school we have some teachers we’d rather forget and events we wished didn’t happen. What’s important to remember in those times are the people who helped you and the teachers who took the time to make sure you were ready for the next chapter in life. 

We won’t stay in school forever, years down the road we’ll probably forget about a lot of what happened in these buildings, but the one thing I’ll never forget are the wonderful teachers who got me to where I am today. They are the teachers I’ll always remember. The ones who believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself. 

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