The Positives of Possibly Working at Disney

Disney is known to be the most magical place on Earth. With that in mind, it's normal to think, "what would it be like to work there? What are the benefits to working there?"  I've done some research and I’m here to tell you.

  1. Weekly Pay- Disney Cast Members get paid on a weekly basis rather than every two weeks.

  2. Tuition Assistance- Cast Members can have their college paid for while working at Disney to relieve any debt worries and get a degree.

  3. On-Site Childcare- If you have children, Disney has an on-site childcare center where your children can be watched while you work. 

  4. Exclusive Discounts- Cast Members get exclusive discounts to parks, dining, hotels and merchandise.

  5. Commuter Assistance- If you need a way to get to work, Disney has commuter options available to help get you transportation.

  6. Wellness Programs- Disney has wellness programs like health and wellness seminars in order to get any help you might need.

  7. Volunteer Programs- If you enjoy volunteering for the community, Disney has a volunteer program known as VoluntEARS for you to participate in.

  8. Career Development- Disney has online tools and programs to help you develop in your Career and any future Careers’ you might have.

  9. Paid Time Off- You can have paid time off and sick days as a full time Cast Member based on your hours of service. 

  10. Retirement Plans- Available for full and part time positions and stock positions are also available. 

While there can be negatives, like working in heat or working long hours, there are so many benefits that can help you and allow you more success in your life. So, if you’re considering working for the Mouse, here are some benefits that can help you along your way.

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