In Memory of Yogos

 Yogos were a fruit flavored snack produced by Kellogg’s that looked like a fruity bit of goodness, a delicious snack. In the early 2000’s, Yogos had to be discontinued due to various health issues and haven’t been back ever since then by the company. Most people assume the oils made within the yogurt, fruity goodness was causing sickness among those who ate the snack, so in response the assumption would be that Kellogg’s took the product off the market, and stopped producing it that way for safety and legal issues. 

Petitions are still on the rise to bring these snacks back as they were a delicious snack of our younger days. Whether Kellogg’s will start making the Yogos again but with a new recipe is currently unknown. But the people all around the world hope still to this day, we will see the fruity yogurt ball of delight back on our local Bilo or Giant Eagle shelves. For now? We can only dream or reminiscence of our past with the long-time joy-filled snack. 

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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