Winter Informal Review

This year winter informal dance was a big hit due to the new elements added to the epic night such as the obstacle course, laid back attire and prize giveaways. In an effort to boost attendance, student counsel incorporated more fun activities, offer prizes and reduced ticket prices to see if that would generate a better turn out for the dance. Student Council was also able to make a $200 donation to CHS activities because of their concession stand, which was open during the dance. 

Along with random gift card drawings, the two big prizes given out at the end of the night consisted of a 50-inch Samsung TV and a Nintendo Switch. In order to have a chance to win, each student had to place tickets into a jar and at 10:45 the winners were announced. Ian Stirek, a senior, won the TV and Abby Wurdeman, a freshman, won the Nintendo switch. When asked how he felt about winning, Stirek replied, “ I was surprised that I won and I was really excited that I got the TV. I simply went around the gym and picked up discarded tickets off the floor so I could get my name in the jar as many times as possible. It paid off.” Congratulations to Ian and Abby for winning and a big thank you to everyone who attended the dance and to the members of the Student Council for hosting.


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