Do We Need Cable TV Anymore?

For years, cable television has been the way to go for watching tv shows or movies. You’ve probably had cable television once in your life or maybe still do, but have you ever noticed the outrageous price companies charge? Now, there is a new way for you to watch your favorite shows and movies. 


Online streaming has become the new wave. You can stream anything as long as you have some type of internet. Netflix and Hulu are both streaming services that you can use for a relatively low price. Netflix’s cheapest plan starts at $8.99 a month, while Hulu’s starts at $6.99 per month. There are many other alternatives for online streaming as well.


There are also streaming devices you can buy that include apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and many other services. Roku and Amazon Firesticks being some of those devices. They require the internet as well. If you own a Playstation or an Xbox, you can download streaming apps onto them. Your phone can do the same if you don’t mind watching it from a smaller screen.


Comcast and Verizon are two of the major companies that provide cable television. Many people have complained about their prices and have decided to make the switch. Nearly, 800,000 Americans in the last three months have gotten rid of cable television for streaming services.


If you do not have internet but still want to cut your cable services, you can always buy an HD antenna. TV antennas do not have a lot of options for what to watch, but it’ll offer some channels. You can buy antennas in most stores, such as Walmart or Target.


If you are tired of paying for cable TV, try making the switch to online streaming. It’s cheaper and maybe a better option for you. Many people are making the switch, and it is possible that cable TV may not exist in the future.

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