Should Students be given work on Snow Days?

Typically when winter rolls around there are two things students always look forward to; breaks and snow days. Snow days are special for students mostly because we can sleep in and have a day where being absent isn’t counted against us. However, as great as that all is, snow days aren’t always special.

For one thing, a snow day in most places means another day added until we get out of school. This would mean getting out on June 2nd or later to make up for the days missed in the winter. Which also adds on to graduation and prevents seniors from graduating earlier. 

On top of this new laws are being put into question as to if students should receive school work on snow days in order to make up for the missed day. 

Personally, I see both pros and cons to this idea. One is that having work during the snow day would mean graduation and getting out of school would be on time. While if the work we had to do was online, I would question about the students that didn’t have access to the internet. Another is, while the work would keep us focused and have us less likely to forget the material, what about the students that really need a mental break?

The whole idea seems great for some, but maybe not for others. I’d say to stick with this idea, you’d need to plan for all possible outcomes and situations in the best interest of the students. That way it’s beneficial to both students and staff. 

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