A New Beginning For Pokemon

Pokemon is a classical series in the gaming genre for any age. The games have been around since 1996 and still stand strong today. The genre will remain to progress as years come but on November 15th, a new game from Pokemon came out; Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch! 

So, what’s different from the rest of the games? Sword and Shield is an experience new to the Nintendo Switch platform, and usually most games of the Pokemon genre were established in DS, Gameboy, or Wii.(Mostly spinoffs) Therefore, the Nintendo Switch is experiencing a new HD quality and graphics you wouldn’t get on the average Pokemon game back then.

Sure, less Pokemon are in the game as other games in the series but the experience with them feels less rushed than the less. Older Pokemon are given new forms whether it be Galarian, or Gigantimax forms. Speaking of giant Pokemon in a sense, there is Dynamax Pokemon! Pokemon grow twice the size, and earn special g-max moves. This can easily change the way of the battle! Special Pokemon only will be able to Gigantimax unlike most who can Dynamax. 

The story doesn’t stray too much from the average Pokemon plot. There’s a villainous threat, legendary being, typical gym challenge. The experience? Feels quite different. If you own a Nintendo Switch, this game will be a wonderful time and a beautiful journey through Pokemon for you! The game ranges to $60 US as most games on the console. 

Pokemon is a well loved series, if you love it, you will love this journey too!

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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