Celebrating Christmas in November

Though the leaves are still on the trees and the weather is still a little warm, Christmas is finally here! The music, the movies, the decorations and the amazing Christmas spirit.

People may disagree with me. They feel as though Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated in November because that's the time for Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving doesn’t give you that warm and joyful feeling. It’s not the same as the feeling you may get when Christmas comes around.

     Who doesn’t enjoy Christmas music? Radio stations playing Christmas music in the beginning of November just gives you that warm feeling. Many people disagree that Christmas music should be played a month before Christmas, but what is so wrong about it? Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving for a day. We have a feast , spend time with family, watch the parade and watch the football games but there is no Thanksgiving music for us to enjoy in the month of November.

    Everyone loves Christmas movies. The Hallmark Channel starts it’s “Countdown to Christmas” closer to the beginning of November. Most TV channels don’t play Thanksgiving movies. Many people don’t even know Thanksgiving movies exist, so TV channels are a really big help to get people in that Christmas spirit even before Christmas. Those Christmas movies  give you that joyful and happy feeling, as you get ready to start decorating and shopping for the Christmas holiday.

        Putting up the decorations is one of the best things to do for the Christmas holiday. The lights are always so beautiful. Putting up the Christmas tree with your family, decorating the house, and hanging the stockings on the fireplace brings joy to whoever walks in the door. 

       The generosity and kindness toward others is true Christmas spirit. All the positive feelings come along when you have Christmas spirit. When you have the holiday spirit you’re happy, you feel the need to be kind, and sometimes you do charity. Having the Christmas spirit brings wonderful feelings throughout many people in the world.

      So in November, when you hear the Christmas music, watch Christmas movies on TV channels, and see the decorations being put up on houses remember all the wonderful things that Christmas brings.

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