Should College be free?

College is the reason why many adults in our generation are in debt. Many ask the question, “Should college be free?” College debt is like buying a house which takes a long time to pay off, but college students end up paying more because of interest. This does not include the room and meal plan. While many parents can afford to send their kids to college out of their pocket, others have to get many loans. It should be more affordable for the upcoming adult. Banks will not loan an adult out of high school 60K for a small business, but will let an adult take out 60K for college. 

Many Americans do not go to college because of how expensive it is and by decreasing the price America would have a lot more working people with college degrees and less poverty levels. College students have to work a part-time job while attending college full time, this can cause stress and grade decreases for the students. A college student would have to go to a community college and work part time to help pay for it, but this may not help with what they want their career to be. 

With college being affordable, graduated students can pay it off easier and faster. This helps with credit score, loans, and retirement plans. Working hard for something teaches young adults character and responsibility. 

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