Shredded Cheese; An Interesting Cheese

Shredded Cheese is not cheesy at all compared to most well-known cheeses this day and age. The cheese is shredded to become long, skinny strips of blended delight. 

Shredded Cheese is a very interesting kind of cheese to me as I eat the Shredded Cheese alone, not a topping on anything, I just pour it in the bowl and eat! That may sound disgusting to you, but I think the flavor of the shredded cheese is less powerful and more calming to eat than a brick or a slice. 

Shredded Cheese has an interesting texture, and feels funny since unlike most cheeses it was put through a grater or shredder. This cheese is mostly put on food thatś plain and needs an extra cheesy touch to add to it, thatś where the cheese comes in. 

This interesting cheese can be eaten alone, too! Regardless of how you decide to eat this unique kind of cheese, topping or not, it makes a great snack for the day!

Do you like Shredded Cheese? Is it better off as a topping, or is it also better to just eat? No matter what that may be, this kind of cheese is pretty swell.

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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