Everybody loves the iPhone, one of the best selling phones on the market. The iPhone has been on top since 2016, when the iPhone 7 was released. Now it seems as if every year Apple company's goal is to make a new phone for the year, and so far they have. Many people have realized how every time a new iPhone is released, their iPhone goes slower. We all had this problem before. All of a sudden our iPhones just start to slow down, die faster, and just not work the same. Many people have realized this and complained to the Apple company about it. 

After many years of complaints, Apple finally admits to slowing down older iPhones. They say the reason they do this is so the lithium-ion battery does not age and cause problems. One problem that can occur is your battery may turn off. This makes sense because the iPhone is the most smartest phones running right now, it may cause damage to others when creating new ones and updating them to be better than before. 

Apple says, “ios does this to counteract problems found in aging lithium-ion batteries. When a battery gets older, it doesn't hold a charge as well and can unexpectedly shut down if its put under too much stress.” Apple is basically trying to say every time they create a new phone, they have no choice but to make the older ones go slower. They say “we do it to protect your phone.” The Apple company takes steps to reduce older models’ power demands, slowing down processing speeds on older iPhones. I feel this isn't fair to us. Many of us like our iPhones and dont feel the need to have to buy a newer one. It’s hard getting a new phone because you have to start all over, on everything. You have to start over with your contacts, photos, and many other things. It is unfair for the people who have gotten attached to their iPhone and may not want to start over.

When hearing this news, not too many people were happy with the iPhone anymore. Many feel that they are being set up. Which in this case, they kind of are. iPhone company slows down your phone so you can buy the newest one. But not everyone wants the newest iPhone, some are happy with what they have. The iPhone company officially stopped making the iPhone 6s and any other phone before that. Now in my opinion, I find that just upsetting because I think that the iPhone 6s was the best of them all.

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