How to "Cure" Senioritis

With many seniors like myself, ready to graduate, sometimes it’s difficult to really enjoy senior year. This anxiousness is something us seniors call “Senioritis”. It’s known as being primarily focused on or longing to graduate, that it makes this year feel a thousand years. It’s too early to be worrying about it so, I came up with a few ways to “Cure” it such as:

  1.  Remember It’s your last year- While some high school memories or times may not have been perfect, this is your last chance to really cherish it or make something good out of it. Keep in mind, that once you leave, you don’t come back. 

  2.  Spend time with friends/make new ones- Let's be honest, the chances of keeping all your high school friends are much slimmer nowadays. Which is why it’s important to really take this year and spend time with them. You could also allow yourself to make new friends and try to make other lasting friendships while you can.

  3. Step out of your comfort zone- Try something new like joining a club, sport or activity. This can help make the year more fun and worthwhile. If that’s not your thing, perhaps try and do something you wouldn’t normally try. That can help you build confidence and have a good memory to look back on.  

  4. Make mistakes and learn from them- This is a time to make mistakes and mess up. While it’s true that mistakes happen all your life, the mistakes you make now, may actually help your future. Say you thought you wanted to do one thing after high school and then completely changed your mind to something else. This is a good thing. It allows you to learn from what you messed up on to help you prepare for your future. 

  5. Stay Motivated- All of us want a common goal in high school, to graduate. While wishing for it too soon can make the year drag out, by staying motivated towards that goal it could make the year more enjoyable and worth something. Get your homework done early, or work hard to keep your grades up. That way when you finally reach the goal you’ve hoped for, you can be proud of yourself for sticking it out. 

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