Decorating For Christmas

Have you ever wondered why people put up Christmas Decorations so early ? Christmas is a time of happiness and celebration. Most people put their Christmas trees up as soon as the date turns November 1st. 

This is because most people relate Christmas to good childhood memories and want to enjoy them longer. When it reaches November it gets cold and dark. This puts you in the Christmas mood and you can dress in sweaters, boots, and comfy scarves. How could you not love dressing in sweaters and drinking Hot Coco! 

Snow starts mid November so people want to get their decorations up before the snow hits. It would be hard to put up lights and blow up reindeer in a snow storm. Christmas is full of deserts and famous Christmas songs. There is no catchy music for Thanksgiving. 

Having to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a hassle. Thanksgiving is a less popular holiday, so people skip over it and go to Christmas so they do not have to go through the hassle of decorating each month. Christmas all around is a joyful season and fills peoples heart with happiness. This is a month of hope and good tidings. 

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