Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week begins today the 13th of November to the 19th. During this time, transgender people share their stories, and connect with others in the community. Transgender people face many problems, everyday and this timeframe will shed light on these problems and educate the public.

Transgender people are usually ridiculed and sometimes killed, for just expressing their identity and embracing their inner self. More than two dozen transgender people were killed in 2018 but the number could be higher as transgender violence is underreported. 

These few days will be days for acceptance for the transgender people, since for years they have been killed, and put down. November 20th marks The Transgender Day of Rememberance.

Now, I will share with you my story of how I am transgender, and my few problems I face. 

At a young age, I did indeed feel like a girl in my own body, constantly wanting to look pretty and wear makeup and jewelry. Time went on, and I became uncomfortable with the idea of wearing such things, and trying to put effort into my looks. I wanted my longhair to go, my clothing options were less flashy, more casual and to an extent, boyish. 

Around 2017, My gender dysphoria began and it was hard to feel right in my body by this point, I didn’t feel as if I was even a girl, when I stare upon myself in the mirror.

This continued for a while without me acting upon it. Until late 2018, I knew it was time to let my heart open, and embrace who I want to be, a male. 

My parents, of course, will never approve of my transition so I truly have to rely on my friends and a few teachers to support me until I can think of coming out, or move away. I fear what they would do, or say!

My birth name is just a shadow of my true self as I don’t feel comfortable being the “Isabella” I was born to be. Now and forward, I go by “Kris” and I know for a fact, I will fight for that till the end. 

If you know someone who’s transgender, and has a hard time being accepted, please offer them support and comfort. Every life matters.

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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