Thanksgiving Traditions

While many around this time of year are excited for Christmas, it’s important that we remember another holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday that helps brings family and friends together in times of thankfulness and food. 

Of course with that, comes traditions. Thanksgiving traditions have been around for hundreds of years and over those years people have made new traditions. Some of the classics include having turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. Some take a spin to it and do things like pass down a family recipe, create “Me time”, give Tupperware as a gift, etc. 

An example of passing down a family recipe would be, perhaps putting a recipe on a cloth for other family members to take home or creating a video to share with family and friends on how to make it.

“Me Time” could be seen as a time where you sit on the porch and drink coffee or take some time to relax and watch TV before the festivities. 

Tupperware could be used for Thanksgiving leftovers or decorated in a way to make a nice centerpiece. 

These traditions are unique to the people and their families and more are being made year- after- year along with wonderful memories. So, while it’s fun and festive to get into the holiday spirit, as we should. Remember to cherish the time you have with those you love and gives thanks during a time of traditions, old and new. 

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