Bullying: The ongoing problem

Bullying is a worldwide epidemic that plagues schools and the world alike. Bullying can be classified in many ways whether it may be physical hitting, name calling, or etc it is still a problem nonetheless. 

Bullying can be in person, or on the web, where it is called “Cyberbullying.” This type of bullying takes place on most social media with extreme harassment  which can be nonstop. 

How is bullying classified? Say you insult someone once, is it really bullying? Not technically as bullying in most cases is non stop picking at a peer, bringing them down constantly rather than once. In the case where someone may be picking on you just once that day it can be classified as “Conflict. "

How do we end bullying, then? Sadly, it will continue for generations to come. The best we can do is make an effort to stop it and stand up to it as a whole. Bullying is something that can really hurt a person’s mental state, or overall life. 

I advise if you see anyone, I mean ANYONE getting bullied please try to step in or tell an adult, it’s as serious as it sounds. Stand up, make someone’s day. 

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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