Conor Lamb Visits Cornell High School

Coraopolis, PA - On Monday, October 7, 2019, at 8:24 A.M. representative Conor Lamb came to the Cornell High School auditorium to speak and listen to the young faces of America. Conor Lamb notices that the Youth of America will make the future. Conor Lamb represents all of us, being younger and unable to vote, youths are silenced in the political world. Conor Lamb is a part of the democratic party but listened to both sides when the kids at Cornell raised their hands. Cornell students were excited with questions.

Questions were on the rise, “How do you feel about the way people are treating illegal immigrants today?” asked Sophia Almendarez. Conor Lamb answered, “I don’t believe there is a fair chance for illegal immigrants to come over here. That’s why they come over the way they do, and that is not right! We are all in this together and it is awful for them to have to come over here in such a harsh way.” Conor Lamb preaches the fact that everyone should have a fair chance in life, just like his Great Grandad. Mr. Lamb tells a story of his Great Grandad who was an immigrant and was given a fair chance. Mr. Lamb also points out the fact that it is odd how people who made their living off of their relatives before them, who came over illegally but won’t give the same chance to other immigrants. 

Mr. Lamb encourages all questions; he even takes the liberty of bringing up one that kids are scared to ask. “A lot of questions kids want to know is when is marijuana going to be legal?” This question was approached with laughter. 

Many people argue over the fact that alcohol is legal but marijuana is not. Marijuana has fewer side effects than alcohol and has less of an impact on your behavior. More crimes are committed with people under the influence of alcohol than on weed. This is still an ongoing subject of whether weed should be legalized or not. Alcohol has been a debate on if it should be allowed or not, now the table has turned. 

Conor Lamb loves talking to the young people of America and expresses great respect while doing it. “Any other questions?” Mr. Lamb hyped the crowd to ask and engage about the world today. One girl asks about the police brutality going on in the world. “How do you feel about how African American people are being treated by the police today?” Conor Lamb shares that he used to be in the military force and is saddened by this tragedy going on today. “In the military, you are trained to kill, while police officers are just trained to detain. We don’t want a police officer to use their gun if they don’t have to.” Mr. Lamb goes on to explain how an old police officer might become more frustrated dealing with the public over a young police officer. 

Conor Lamb is very interested in working with the young faces of the future and making the US a better place for everyone today. Conor Lamb tells us his future plans with running in the election and fighting for our country. Conor Lamb ends with encouraging many of us to vote and engage in our country’s debate. Mr. Lamb wants us to do this by voting and be active in our community.

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