Should Teens be able to Trick or Treat?

With Halloween just around the corner, millions of children will be dressing up in costumes and getting candy while Trick or Treating. However, a question that seems to affect a lot of people is if teens can do the same thing?

In my personal opinion, I believe teens should be allowed to Trick or Treat if they don’t take advantage of it. People opposed to allowing this, often think that it “takes away” from the little children who do it. While in some cases this could be true, I think it’s safe to assume that most teens just want to hold on to their childhood a bit longer.

As children, we’re always told to not grow up and to enjoy it while it lasts. However, this seems hypocritical when we’re teens and told we’re “too old” for those things. I feel like being able to embrace childhood while you can is important, so you can look back later and be happy that you did.

While teens shouldn’t abuse the system and take all the candy or scare little kids for no reason, they should be able to take the little childhood that is left and use it as much as they can before we really do have to grow up. 

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