Fire Emblem 3 Houses, A game you should play.

Fire Emblem is a series of RPG that scatters across many consoles of the videogame era. You play as a character, and fight to save said kingdom, make peace. Though every game is different with their own special customization options, and character choices but one that stands out above them all is; Fire Emblem 3 Houses.

Fire Emblem 3 houses is an RPG that is for the Nintendo Switch. The price for the game can range from $50 to $60 US. The price is fair, considering the game also has DLC (Downloadable content) and a wide range of playability to boot. The game alone has 4 choices of endings, being your choice, you make your path in the game as an avatar named  Byleth, a professor who leads a class of your choosing into their own paths. 

In this RPG, your choices matter. One slip-up can mean disaster on the battlefield or in the future. The game also offers the easy and hard modes for new or experienced players with the Fire Emblem genre. Your units or students can come back after the chapter, or die forever. The game alone, offers much customization on the plate! To be male or female, changing your outfit, choosing and recruiting students. Itś a game you make it. Though you should be careful nonetheless, the game throws LOTS of loopholes. 

Personally, this game may be a challenge, but itś well worth your time and a good start to the Fire Emblem series if you want to invest into it, that is. The characters are all unique and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your house, you can recruit certain students, and kill others.

The game alone gives many emotions and gets you involved with the curriculum. If you are a fan of video games, and own a Nintendo Switch, I highly suggest trying this game.

A small writer and journalist who is transgender. Besides that, I am just a videogame fanatic.

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