Modeling Malfoy

Draco Malfoy Cosplay

I recently began cosplaying as Draco Malfoy and most people are already loving it! I have gotten multiple positive comments on my cosplay in and out of school. I have also bleached my hair to match Draco’s hair color and cut it to match his.

I have the entire outfit including the vest, robe, tie, scarf, pants, shoes, and wand.

The whole outfit added up to an investment of about 105 dollars.

I bought the cosplay May 6th and it arrived quickly, May 9th. I did buy a wig just in case I cannot keep up with the hair bleach and hair cut.

I took interest in Draco because he is so misunderstood. I know deep down he didn’t want to do the things he had done. He even saved Harry and his friends. In the seventh book, when Bellatrix asked if the man captured was Harry, Draco said he was unsure and that act saved Harry’s life. I thought why not bring him to life again and explain in cosplay through Tik Toks and Instagram why he is so misunderstood.

I have been cosplaying since 2015 but only started cosplaying as Draco this year (2019). He has to be my favorite character in Harry Potter, with Snape following up close behind.  I love to cosplay as Draco because of how misunderstood he is.

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