The Oscars and Harvey Weinstein

Oscar bait. What do those words mean, most importantly together? We’ve all heard of the Oscars. Celebrities from all around come to receive awards or watch others receive awards for the talent and passion they dedicated to the art of film. Right? Well some speculate otherwise. Oscar bait is a term used to describe a film that critics deem was made for the sole purpose to appeal to the academy and win an Oscar because….money.

Most critics describe Oscar bait movies as movies that are tear jerking political dramas. And it’s also apparent that producers trying to get the movie and Oscar will throw extravagant gala’s and will invite academy voters. Now technically it is against Academy regulation to invite multiple academy voters to parties or gatherings under the pretense of advertising their film, but that doesn’t stop people in the industry from finding some loopholes here and there.

One of the most famous of these sly dealers is the infamous Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein brothers. They are a perfect example of the Oscar Academy and how cunning and mischievous their dealings are. You’ve most likely heard Harvey’s name at the forefront of the MeToo movement, that gave victims of sexual harassment in the film industry a voice.  

Harvey Weinstein has been nominated for 341 Oscars and has won 81. One being Shakespeare In Love, for best picture in 1999. During this time and all throughout his career Weinstein sexually harassed women. But it’s apparent he managed to keep it quiet with his connections and galas and even earned countless awards for his movies.

Thinking about this leads many people to think a bit more about how we view this award ceremony. Is it just a corrupt way for people in the industry to use connections and their money to make even more money? Or is it actually based on talent and the shared appreciation for film and its creators?

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